Upbeat and Down-to-Earth

Unparalleled. Unbelievable. Just perfect:

The GreenGo club is like no other worldwide. With its unparalleled design, an unbelievable dancefloor floating above a swimming pool, the perfect music mix and a party crowd that makes every night one to remember.


No wonder it is a magnet for high society, celebrities, and rooted hipsters. But the bunch is composed of more than just these: Hotel guests and locals are also welcome at this internationally known nightspot. Only the paparazzi is in any case excluded from entering the club.

So, come and find out for yourself!


Slightly exhausted from partying during the busy winter season, our GreenGo team will enjoy a well-deserved summer break and will be back next December to party with you all night long!


In the meantime, join us from July to September at the Gstaad Palace outdoor pool every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 7pm where cool live sounds await you,

mixed by the GreenGo’s creative director and resident DJ Jim Le Blanc!

Today we are:

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Our upcoming events

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