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Unparalleled. Unbelievable. Just perfect:

The GreenGo club is like no other worldwide. With its unparalleled design, an unbelievable dancefloor floating above a swimming pool, the perfect music mix and a party crowd that makes every night one to remember.

No wonder it is a magnet for high society, celebrities, and rooted hipsters.
But the bunch is composed of more than just these: Hotel guests and locals are also welcome at this internationally known nightspot.

Only the paparazzi is in any case excluded from entering the club.

So, come and find out for yourself!

Today we are:

our music

Want to know what awaits you musically at the GreenGo? We won’t say, but you can always look and listen for yourself …


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rent a GreenGo

Are you planning a really great party? Still looking for the right place? You can have the GreenGo all to yourself (for you and your guests) …


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socialize with us

Make use of numerous options in the internet: Browse our channels and post your own pics and stories … and hashtag us.


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Gstaad Palace

The GreenGo is under the same roof as the Gstaad Palace. So why not combine a night at the club with a couple of days at the Palace?


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Why You Should Visit Us?

  • music 100%
  • guests 100%
  • drinks 100%
  • location 100%

Because We're Amazing

We wouldn’t be so amazing without you. You are the part night, so you are a part of the GreenGo.
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