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Exquisite. Extraordinary. Excellent:

Since its opening in 1971, the GreenGo has been known as a special spot with an exciting atmosphere. A flashback in time with its unique design and decor – combined with trend-setting sounds from our resident DJ Jim Leblanc and VIP guest DJs. This unusual mix guarantees a perfect atmosphere for a great evening of partying, dancing and enjoying yourself.

The Seventies – GreenGo’s First Years

Remember the seventies with its beautiful bleach-blondes, orange jumpsuits, and huge sunglasses at night?
Or have you heard of the decade when men wore bell-bottoms and let their hair grow long?
The fashion of dancing the night away to recorded hits was still in its infancy then. But in a small village among the Swiss Alps, the Gstaad Palace took it upon itself to become a real trendsetter.

On 22 January 1971, Ernst Andrea Scherz, the owner of the Palace, opened the door to a crowd looking for an exciting way to spend the night.

Time has passed; the music has changed time and again.
The original furnishings by Teo Jakob, however, have remained largely unchanged to the present day. This is one of the features which make this nightclub so popular amongst those who are after a great party at a perfect location.
And perfect it is: Especially brilliant is the liaison of an indoor swimming pool and a dancefloor which can be lowered to hover just inches above the glistening water.

That explains why revelers sometimes ended up skinny-dipping in the early hours of the morning. Whether they still do, you have to find out yourself.

A Magnet to the Party Crowd

But what makes the GreenGo club so attractive to everyone from Princess Diana, to Tina Turner through to Madonna and her daughter Lourdes? Why do film stars like to come and enjoy the night – again and again? Why do people choose to host their private parties in such a sophisticated venue?

Andrea Scherz has some possible answers to these questions: “GreenGo has had a special aura from day one.”
Something unlike anything else: trendsetting with a sound and relaxed base at the same time. It is as if you are driving towards a traffic light and the signal turns green just before you need to stop.
You know what we are talking about?
The slight feeling of being unstoppable, a sense of happiness, somehow being careless and on top of the world. By the way, that traffic light metaphor is how Switzerland’s first dance club got its name: GreenGo instead of a red stop.

Since the GreenGo is such a centre of attraction, a membership was introduced. This makes sure that the regulars always get into the often packed club. In order to become a member, someone has to suggest you.

The GreenGo Today

The club’s decadent seventies decor creates a party scene that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Guests who have visited clubs in big cities such as Vienna, Barcelona and New York often state that the GreenGo is a favourite.
It is a place to come to for dancing, partying and feeling at home within a crowd you are comfortable with. That combination is unique.

Another factor that makes the GreenGo an extraordinary location: It has stayed the same during the decades.
“We never needed to completely redo the style of our GreenGo. Some gentle renovations, of course. But apart from that, we were happy that the original style meets the taste of every generation. Actually, whenever the issue of changing something came up, the guests liked to remind us to keep our hands off the club,” Andrea Scherz says.

On top of all that spending a night here means to be at an exciting, happening place. You can let go and have the time of your life. Many regulars are convinced that there are few places on the world where you could have a better time than at the GreenGo.

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