Contact & FAQ

Anything else you need to know? We have gathered the most important questions and answered them for you. So, dress smart, come over and be prepared for a night like no other!!

Ex: 0041337485000

GreenGo Club

Palacestrasse 28
3780 Switzerland

Phone: +41 33 748 50 00

GreenGo Club

Gstaad Palace

Frequently Asked Questions

Opening hours?

From 11pm onwards this Summer

Every Friday and Saturday from 22 July to 27 August 2022.

Do I have to be guest at the Gstaad Palace to visit the GreenGo?

The GreenGo nightclub is open to public

What should I wear?

Dress code: Elegant
Baseball caps, woolies, coats, hoodies, polo shirts, T-shirts, ripped jeans and sport shoes are not permitted in the restaurants and bars in the evening.

How can I reach the GreenGo?

Via phone on +41 33 748 50 00 or by email

Which music genre is typical for the GreenGo?

Mixed, according to the party crowd

Is there any parking provided?

There is a valet parking as well as a big outdoor parking available

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